CC423 – White Maize (OPV)

A Little About Our Product:

The fastest, high yielding OPV white maize in the market. Surprisingly tasty grain makes this a winner for both millers and green-mealie lovers. The response from Chobe farmers is simple: “the best maize Pandamatenga has ever seen….”

Product Specifications:
  • White Maize Open Pollinated Variety (OPV)
  • Early maturing grower with excellent drought-tolerance
  • Good disease resistance to most common diseases including GLS (Grey Leave Spot) & NCLB (Northern Corn Leave Blight)
  • Good grain quality & stable yield performance
  • Days to flower: 60 – 68
  • Days to maturing: 122 – 125
  • Yield potential: 5 t/ha
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